Sunday, 30 November 2014

say your goodbyes little penguin

"Cry cry sniff sniff" Oh hi "sniff" its just you.
I have to tell you guys something...
Todays the last day at Enrich for me EVER! after three years I'm leaving *takes sad look around room* I'm gonna miss it here.
Three years I've been going here. Have a look at me on my first day, and heres one of me now.
third/last year last day 11 years old
first year, first day 8 years old

I've changed a lot haven't I!
Well this is my last day 1.12.2014 and I want to thank everyone who has supported me and everyone who has read this taking interest in my good, bad and pointless blogs and I think that everyone who has read these blogs from the beginning will probably put the majority of my blogs in the last two categories! But I'm not going to make this blog all sad so Im going to tell you something special that's happened............................................
KATIE HAD HER BABY ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had a little baby girl, Pippa! Paul showed us a photo and she's so cute! But sadly I'm probably only going to see Katie and Pippa one more time (unless we run into each other at the supermarket or something) at the Enrich@ILT leavers night, which reminds me all the year 6's had to create a slide and if you make sure Bob isn't in the room I'll show you. Alright he's gone here it is...
My year six leavers thingy
Do you like it?
great well anyway to do a little memento I'll take a screen shot of my first blog
my first blog
now it's also christmas so lets add some festive photos
christmas headband no1
Christmas headband no2

Merry Christmas (for the last time)

Alright enough stalling 
leave the nest little penguins
goodbye for the last time, Mama Guin.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Mama 'Guin

Hey hey hey ma blogging penguins

I'm back and ready to blog! No I'm not I'm still recovering my breath from a singing/dancing marathon! "Wait why were you singing and dancing you only do that at performance time.... No no no we are not listening to another 5 weeks of performance blogs." Fine don't listen but I'm gonna keep blogging! "BOB! Don't be rude." Oh it's just Bob. We really have to re-lock him up! What who was that? We don't lock up anyone say anything to anyone and you'll go to the closet! Just kidding. Well back to performance we are doing Mariah Carey Christmas songs so far we are doing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town we've already choreographed it all Tessa and I even came up with a dance move, we call it the Shim Sham.

Thats all for now
Mama 'Guin

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Happy Sad Day

Howdy all my flappy penguins

Sorry for not blogging last week, it was labour day (hope you enjoyed your long weekend New Zealand). Well anyway Today is a sad and happy day - it's Happy because I just finished my second article for the newspaper and today (at the end of this blog) I will tell you about my book yay! As for the sad news (get the tissues) Today is Katie's last day and I don't think I've told you yet but.... Katie's pregnant! Yay! But also boo since today is her last Monday at Enrich for a loooooooooooooooong time *tear*.  For something fun, the Monday kids are having a little competition about the gender/birthday/weight/Name of Katies baby. These are my guesses:
Gender: Girl (just because of the most awesome name that I thought up)
Birthday: 20.11.14 (that's in 17 days!)
Weight: 5.20 lbs (what?)
Name: Mia JR! (don't you dare go all judgy on me!)
Say in the comments what you think will happen.

Now it's time to tell you something very exciting, something very very exciting (thats even more exciting since it has two 'verys'!)
I joined this circus! *grass hopper noise.*
No I didn't really I fooled you!
what really happened was MY BOOK ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah no biggie.
It arrived the Thursday before school ended in term 3 (and for those of you that watch the Block NZ, I was acting like Jo after they finished their backyard!) and I might make it public (on Story Jumper) soon if I get 5 people commenting on this saying "Gee Mia I think your great could you pleeeeeeeease show me your book because I absolutely idolize you!" 
Once I get that I will tell you my story jumper account (I can't tell you now because I forgot it)
Bye, Mama 'Guin'

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Turning you gray!

Hola my flappy penguins

I'm sorry to keep you waiting but hey its a new term and Im busy but its lunch time now so lunch time = blog time (can you tell that I'm just typing random stuff until I think of something interesting to blog about.)
Ooh lightbulb! How could I forget? Its so simple! Its like one of the most interesting things that has ever happened to me! *face palm.* oh ow that knocked the good idea out of me. Oh its coming back um oh, re-lightbulb! *dances around crazy for five minutes* Im sorry if you're currently pulling out your hair (it'll grow back, I promise.)
Im sorry its this new term-viris going around *cough, cough* any way my light bulb moment was...
"MY BOOK ARRIVED!" Sorry about that, Im just so excited and Im going to be evil and not tell you anything until week four (I would tell you next week but next Monday is Labour day.)
And with new terms come new goals and this term my goal is........
don't worry Im not that mean. 
My goal for this term is to give 230% at every thing I do (yes I know thats not possible but I'm trying to prove a point)

Till next time my flappy Penguins
Mama Guin (everything else in this blog is long so I tried to make at least one thing short!)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Can you take a hint?

Hola all my flappy friends

Get your sleeping bags and your deck chairs ready and free up your weekends everyone because within the next weeks a little book by the name of Betty's Easter Surprise is coming out!

Yes yes I know - I've been talking about it a lot and and I've put A LOT of false alarms up here but I'm onto the final edit (say it in the tune of the final countdown tune it makes it sound AWESOME!)

It's the final edit da da DAH DAH, da da DAH da da.... now you've got it stuck in your head haven't you - join the club! Anyway... It'll be paid for and everything next week! *excited scream* and if you're reading story jumper, you don't happen to have any sales on at the moment for certain people (hint hint)

Bye all my Flappy penguins
Keep flapping!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Im back! Did you miss me?

Hi there all my flappy penguins

All you frequent flappers will know all about my book and all of those first time flappers should go read about it - don't worry it shouldn't be hard to find its in pretty much every blog from this term AND last term go on take a look otherwise the rest of this blog just won't make any sense go on look you know you want to! Are you back yet? Oh good I was wondering if you'd ever come back, well now that everyones up to date on my book you will know that I've finished my book and now all I need to do is buy a copy and I'm finished oh you didn't know that, sorry I forgot I didn't do a blog last week! Well I have finished writing and publishing but as you heard I need to buy it thats right buy it and its $25 for a hard cover and around $15 for a paperback it might be a while so if your waiting for a copy it might be a little pricier than you first thought!


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Newspaper give away

Hi there all my lil flappy penguins!
Where have you been? Mamas been missing you!
I was so worried I almost wrote an article in the newspaper about some missing penguins! Speaking of newspapers I'm writing an article about the under twen... oops I almost gave it away, its going to be a secret until we publish it! I've gotta go look up some English recipes!
Farewell all my flappy penguins - keep flapping!